The Challenge Of Data Protection

Today’s Database Architectures, containing customer data, financial data, business logic and contact data are the most significant business asset within an organisation.

As such there is a mission critical requirement to ensure that this data is protected from unauthorized access, data theft and business intellectual property loss. 

To complicate matters, there is also growing regulatory requirements, such GDPR Legislation within the European Union, whose aim is to force businesses, through threat of legal sanction, to adhere to strict guidelines on protecting user identifiable data. 

To resolve these matters is important, but it does not go far enough.

The Secure Key To Data Encryption

Databases and the data contained therein, usually exist within an unencrypted format. This means that Databases, Backups and Log files can potentially have all their sensitive data exposed through malicious action. 

To resolve this issue, a number of technologies are available to encrypt this business critical data with a key, so that only owners of that key – be it a user of the company accounts system, a customer on the web site, or a supplier viewing their invoices, can have access to this data.

Malicious users who do not have access to the key – even if they have access to the database or a database backup – will not be able to decrypt and view the data therein.

To protect your business data assets, Orpheus Enterprises offers a comprehensive security toolkit to lock down access to data and ensure it is comprehensively encrypted.

Encryption Toolkit

  • Full Database Encryption using AES256 algorithm
  • Full Database Backup Encryption using AES256 algorithm 
  • Full Data Encryption from Database Source to Application Destination
  • Certificate Issuing To Decrypt Database Data for connected clients that require access
  • Restricted access to Database through Active Directory and SQL Server Authentication
  • Restricted Execution rights on Stored Procedures
  • Restricted SELECT permissions on Tables and Views
  • Restricted DELETE and UPDATE permissions on Tables

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