The Challenge Of Change

The business environment today is more dynamic and fluid than ever before.

New advances in technology and software platforms appear on an almost weekly basis.

To keep abreast of these technical advances, such as the latest techniques of data access, Azure cloud migration, or governmental regulation policy, such as GDPR data governance, can have a significant impact on an IT departments existing service deliverables as well as on its training and research budgets.

A solution to alleviate these pressures within IT Departments is to Outsource their Database Administration functions to a third party who will take ownership of these deliverables as an Outsourcing Partner.

Benefits Of Outsourcing – Technical

When a business has outsourced their Database Administration functions to an Outsourcing Partner, it frees up existing IT Departments resources and training in that it doesn’t need to allocate limited resource to implement or monitor:

  • Database Service Packs
  • Database Version Lifetime Support
  • SQL Injection Attacks

as they are dealt with with regards Service Support Arrangements with the Outsourcing Partner. This means that the business data function is always technically sound, from both a business and legal perspective as well as from a Continuous Integration model.

Benefits Of Outsourcing – Operational

In addition, by contracting out performance and optimization as part of an Outsourcing Agreement, an IT Department needn’t allocate finite resource and budget to monitor:

  • Database Growth
  • Database Optimization
  • Backups and Restores
  • Transaction Logs
  • Data Loss

as these are covered by on or off site monitoring tools, such as SQL Health Monitor which will Alert the Outsourcing Partner of any capacity issues with regards data performance, availability or any other potential service delivery interruptions – and indeed, will implement technical solutions to ensure database up-time is kept to the 99.999% industry gold standard.

Benefits Of Outsourcing – Financial

A business always needs to provide a competitive Return On Investment (ROI), yet this can be hampered by the constant IT overhead of maintaining a trained and technically supported Data Operation, where this limited resource could be better applied to securing new markers or business growth.

By outsourcing an IT Departments Database Services function, savings can be made across a number of different areas:

  • Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Auditing
  • Standards Compliance
  • Documentation Updates

A 3 team average Database Administrator cost may be in excess of £150,000 – the costs of outsourcing these functions to an Outsourcing Partner for Database Services will see savings of at least 75-85% depending on market sector.

Orpheus Enterprises is fully compliant with all the necessary legal outsourcing requirements such as Public Liability Insurance and we offer full SLA (Service Level Agreements) to guarantee support to your business at all times for mission critical Database Services.

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