PowerShell Integration

SQL Health Monitor has integrated Microsoft PowerShell to facilitate PS Script Execution. This is for those users who require the Database Processes to be automated within a DevOps Environment – without the need for a dedicated hands-on Database Administrator.

PowerShell is very Unixlike so if you have exposure to either $Bash or PERL Scripting, PowerShell can be a useful tool to leverage existing SQL Skills.

The first requirement is to Register PowerShell within SQL Health Monitor

Go to the Settings -> Program Locations Section
Add the PATH to the PowerShell Executable

Second, generate a PS1 (PowrShell) Script – or use one of the pre-built Templates specially targeting SQL Server.

Templates Section, Filtered for PowerShell, showing PowerShell script library

Thirdly, add the required Parameters to the script and click on the Execute Button.

Adding Parameters to the PowerShell Script. Execute by clicking on the Exclamation Button

This will bring up the PowerShell window so you can view the process.

PowerShell Executing the Script. In this case, backing up a database

PowerShell integration allows the control of PS1 Scripts and Tasks within SQL Health Monitor to facilitate quick results in Server and Database Performance.

It is a valuable tool in controlling your PowerShell scripts and leveraging existing SQL Skills.

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