SQL Health Monitor main dashboard

There are a number of competing Real Time Monitoring Tools (RTMT) within the Microsoft SQL Server market space, for example, RedGate Tools and Solar Winds which offer an Enterprise Level Solution – with an Enterprise Level price tag.

Orpheus Enterprises Ltd saw a business opportunity for the small to medium size business space for a Turnkey solution to real time monitoring of their SQL Server Estates without the overkill implementation of a more expensive RTMT Solution.

The SQL Health Monitor is part of Orpheus Enterprises’ family of Health Monitoring Tools. It offers deep and extensive monitoring, real time KPI generation and trouble shooting, automated reports among a host of other features, designed primarily for the Company Database Administrator (DBA).

Showing the following pertinent SQL Health Monitor Tabs:

  1. SQL Server Configuration
  2. SQL Server Databases
  3. SQL Server Database Backups
  4. SQL Server Logins
Showing SQL Server Configuration Options
Showing SQL Server Databases
Showing SQL Server Backups
Showing SQL Server Logins

This is just a small snapshot of the available professional features contained within Orpheus Enterprises SQL Health Monitor.

To inquire about these and additional features, designed to assist senior DBAs in the management of SQL Server Estates, fill in the Contact Form details below and a member of our team will be in touch to see how you can benefit from Orpheus Enterprises SQL Health Monitor.

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